Thursday, May 22, 2008

I didn't see anything on the first video. Did you?
00:17 That's pretty scary. But it could be another family member in that room.
00:28 It looked fake.
00:55 Holy sh*t! Someone is sitting on the couch! But, what's with the leap image?
00:57 Nooo, there's no one there! It could be fake, though. Like, "glued" video.
01:10 Is there something crawling out there??
01:18 Looks like the same person in 00:57.
01:30 Creepy, creepy face. Reminds me of Phantom of the Opera.
01:42 Umm.. what's that again?
02:08 Could be a reflective light on camera?
02:12 Fake.
02:23 It happens often. But this one could be fake, too.
02:36 I'm really amazed that they're able to notice such shadows....
02:42 Where are they and what are they doing, anyway??
02:52 Ahem....
03:06 What's wrong with it, anyway? Isn't that the cameraman??
03:13 That scare the hell out of me! *faint*

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jared Leto.

That name has just become the global warming in my world --it melts me away!

It’s so amazing when I think about how it’s started. I was crazy about Alexander the Great. Then I bought the DVD of Oliver Stone version of Alexander. Then there was Hephaistion. And my brother kept saying, “Hey, isn’t that Jared Leto.” I goes, “Who?” “Jared Leto, the one who played in Nicholas Cage’s Lord of War.” I was just, “Oh..”
But every time I watch the movie, he would say the same thing: “Jared Leto, right?”

So I became curious, why does my brother remember him so much? I asked him, and he said, “Because he’s handsome.” That time I said nothing but thought, he’s not bad --I was so gonna regret ever think that way. Cos now, I am crazy about Jared Leto. Oh, my sweet violent urge…

*cough* Back to topic. I googled about this lovely little thing, and found out that he has a band! I became even more curious. Okay, talented handsome actor who has a band, let’s hear how they sound. Guess what, my heart has been stolen ever since I listened to them in YouTube. I don’t quite remember which song did I hear, was it Buddha for Mary or The Story, but I was hooked.

30 Seconds to Mars is not just another band that you’ll soon forget after the season is over.

I always wrote these random “poems” full of analogy, metaphor, and --well, randomness. Many people who had read my so-called poems would think that they’re weird and too “heavy to think about.” I take that as a compliment.

In 30 Seconds to Mars, I found the sense of belonging, for their songs are of the same kind to my kind of poems, and rantings. And not only with their songs, but also with Echelon.
And Jared --oh, Jared, the more I read about him, the more I hear about him, the deeper I fall.

Of course he has his negative traits (I still haven’t gotten over the Hilton tragedy yet!!), but unexplainably, I refuse to see them. And so he becomes my sweet violent obsession.
God knows about my crazy fanfics [no, it’s not sexual stories!]. Anyone who ever read them will call a shrink or rehab right away, to register me.