Thursday, May 22, 2008

I didn't see anything on the first video. Did you?
00:17 That's pretty scary. But it could be another family member in that room.
00:28 It looked fake.
00:55 Holy sh*t! Someone is sitting on the couch! But, what's with the leap image?
00:57 Nooo, there's no one there! It could be fake, though. Like, "glued" video.
01:10 Is there something crawling out there??
01:18 Looks like the same person in 00:57.
01:30 Creepy, creepy face. Reminds me of Phantom of the Opera.
01:42 Umm.. what's that again?
02:08 Could be a reflective light on camera?
02:12 Fake.
02:23 It happens often. But this one could be fake, too.
02:36 I'm really amazed that they're able to notice such shadows....
02:42 Where are they and what are they doing, anyway??
02:52 Ahem....
03:06 What's wrong with it, anyway? Isn't that the cameraman??
03:13 That scare the hell out of me! *faint*

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