Wednesday, January 23, 2008

19 January was the date. I was leisurely search ‘Jared Leto’ in Google News. And guessed what I’ve found? A news that would soon shattered my world and the respect I have for Jared. Gosh, I can’t even bring myself to write about it. I remember when I first adore Jared, I thought Paris and Jared are two different worlds, they would be the last couple to be together in Hollywood. Jared is (or was, in this case) way too elegant/smart/intelligent/whatever to be together or even touch that... thing. Really, I can still “forgive” him when he’s rumored to made out with Lindsay (hey, at least Lindsay is talented and beautiful), I can even still “forgive” him about the news on Tila. But this… just disgusting.

Yesterday I googled about the Paris-Jared news again, looking for some clarity of the news. I found the article that said Paris was doing this lap dance and Jared was “..totally not interested.” I remember thinking (and keep repeating it in my mind), “I’m so proud of him!” I thought from all of the men who “would still do Paris, even though she’s a bitch”, I finally come across one (at least one in my hoping!) that won’t. So you can imagine how disappointed (and need I remind you again: shattered) I am to find today’s news – and picture. It just gross.

If Jared is really dating or even just going out with Paris, I totally will stop being a believer. I’ll still enjoy their songs and their arts, of course, but not the same. You can see that Jared has lost respects from so many people – mostly fans-to-be. I wonder if he even cares. Celebrity… Wait, since when did Jared turn from an artist to a celebrity. Was it since Paris laid her eyes on him or since he laid his hand on her?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Again, I watched Alexander the Great. And again, I amazed by him. It seems that no matter what my brother said, I still love this character. There are so many things I learned from him, and there are still a lot of things he's teaching me.
Friendship, loyalty, and family are what I learned from him today (if not again).

Friendship... it's always amazed me how Alexander always knew where to put his trust, but didn't lost in them. Did not confused between his trust and facts, I mean.
And, how lucky he was to have found Hephaistion, and few others whom he can trust. As for me, I thought I had found my Hephaistion - and a few whom I can trust, but now I can see that I am wrong, so wrong. Today is a different era, I guess. There are no longer people who can truly care about us. These days people only care about themselves, the prosperity of their lives. That, including family.

Loyalty... With a world where money has the utmost importance, where else can we find loyalty? But no matter, Alexander taught me, that one of the most important virtues in this life is loyalty. So in this world so lack of love and loyalty, all the more I have to contribute to it.

Family... I realize now, you can spend forever to run away from your parents... but you'll never run far enough. In fact, you might just end up exactly like them. Olympias loved Alexander, I know that. Perhaps Alexander himself knew that. But why did he refuse to go back to Macedonia and continue further east, instead? He got scared, I guess. Her so-called love captured his life, suffocate him. He just wanted to go away from it. Love, they say, but is it love when they order us around, just to get what's best for THEM? Love,is it, when they try to eliminate us the second we're no longer provide profits?