Wednesday, January 23, 2008

19 January was the date. I was leisurely search ‘Jared Leto’ in Google News. And guessed what I’ve found? A news that would soon shattered my world and the respect I have for Jared. Gosh, I can’t even bring myself to write about it. I remember when I first adore Jared, I thought Paris and Jared are two different worlds, they would be the last couple to be together in Hollywood. Jared is (or was, in this case) way too elegant/smart/intelligent/whatever to be together or even touch that... thing. Really, I can still “forgive” him when he’s rumored to made out with Lindsay (hey, at least Lindsay is talented and beautiful), I can even still “forgive” him about the news on Tila. But this… just disgusting.

Yesterday I googled about the Paris-Jared news again, looking for some clarity of the news. I found the article that said Paris was doing this lap dance and Jared was “..totally not interested.” I remember thinking (and keep repeating it in my mind), “I’m so proud of him!” I thought from all of the men who “would still do Paris, even though she’s a bitch”, I finally come across one (at least one in my hoping!) that won’t. So you can imagine how disappointed (and need I remind you again: shattered) I am to find today’s news – and picture. It just gross.

If Jared is really dating or even just going out with Paris, I totally will stop being a believer. I’ll still enjoy their songs and their arts, of course, but not the same. You can see that Jared has lost respects from so many people – mostly fans-to-be. I wonder if he even cares. Celebrity… Wait, since when did Jared turn from an artist to a celebrity. Was it since Paris laid her eyes on him or since he laid his hand on her?

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