Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A what..?

Few weeks ago, I highlighted the lower half of my hair red, I have natural dark hair. So guess whose hair my hair looks like now. I swear I'm not trying to follow his hairstyle, I was not his fan, never even noticed him, either, before [it's about changed, though].

And that is not all.

I'm always attracted to both men and women, but calling me bi is just NOT quite right. 'Cos I'm not that attracted that I want to have a relationship with either of them.
My friends always teased me 'cos I never had -and still have not- a "romance relationship". When we studied viruses in school, I used to joke with my friends that's because I am asexual.

Then, nowadays, because watching too much of Alexander: Revisited by Oliver Stone, I impressed by Hephaistion character. So, I googled 'Jared Leto' as the actor who played Hephaistion [also partly because 30 Seconds to Mars]. One thing led to another, I end up google about his mysterious love relationship. As everyone is questioning: who is Hep.. I mean, Jared's girlfriend? Is he gay? I came across his quote that "I'm like Morrissey...I thought he was asexual?" Jared Leto is implying he is asexual.

I just can't believe it.

Saying it shocked me would be an understatement. So THERE is 'asexual', after all?? I went straight to wikipedia... and people, I present you a new term in sexology: asexual.

Jared Leto is now officially my idol. Anyway, he is so cute (even) with that eyeliner and those black nails.

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