Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Talks about siblings rivalry...

Have you ever heard Ashley Simpson's 'Shadow'? Nope, not the one she lip-synced in Saturday Night Live. I'm talking about the one which talking about "...living in the shadow of the dreams and accomplishments of Ashley's famous older sister". Even though I'm not a fan of Ashley Simpson (who is?), I'm kinda bugged by this song.

It happens all the time, don't you think so? When our sibling is better and/or better at something, better in any means, than us, our parents will definitely start comparing us, obviously or not. It's intimidating. For me, at least. I started to imagine that my brother is going to be as rich as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Then people will start to interview him, and start questioning about his sibling(s). Then they found out that one of this rich guy's siblings is only a minor movie editor in small production house. Poor and ugly, and pathetic. So different from his/her brother.

I wonder how many other people feel the same as I do?
And I wonder why the f*** does it matter?

I mean, so what if our brother/sister is better than us? Shouldn't our parents love us as we are? Shouldn't people just accept the fact that different individual has different characteristic? Why can't they accept the fact that we are -ok, I am- not as beautiful/talented/smart/hard-working as my brother/sister is?
And so what if MY passion is movie, and unlike my brother who wants to be "..a filthy rich businessman-slash-programmer"? So what if I become a "...filthy poor movie-editor"? Screw it, I love making movie, that is passion and I'm going to chase it -and achieve it.

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