Monday, October 29, 2007

The thought is just swept through me when I was watching Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Don't take this seriously, this just what I think.

Human is made up of: body + soul + spirit [soul = energy]

Soul connects body and spirit. When human dies, some of the energy left on the body and will be released as the body decays. That is why we feel unease at the cemetery, there are energies being released, they’re affecting OUR energy. Energy is not limited by space, but does it limited by time?

Some/a part of the soul (energy) follow the spirit, that’s why we (humans) can feel the presence of spirits – because of the energy they still radiate. And, that’s also why, when they want it, spirits can still move solid/physical objects.

So the conclusion is, if we don’t have:

· Body: We are ghosts only.

· Spirit: We are zombie (?) Immoral, have no conscience.

· Soul: No feeling (Like the movie Equilibrium??)

"There is always a line between (that separates) human and God. When humans try to cross the line… well, they can’t. God make sure of that."

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